how to add phone field to registration in prestashop

many store owners looking to add phone field so new customers can add phone number, unfortunately prestashop 1.7 dont have option to add phone field like for address form

i created a module that help add phone field to prestashop, this module allow to add phone field in registration form, you can use same module as template to create other fields

module is open source and  hosted on github ,you can easy download and install it or fork repository to add more functionality


  1. download the archive from GitHub
  2. rename prestashop-phone-field-for-registration-master zip and folder to regphonefield
  3. install from prestashop backoffice like any other module
  4. Clear cache and enjoy

To create other fields

  1. Download repository
  2. search “phone” and replace with your field name
  3. Follow installation steps

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