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How to change Number of decimals in prestashop 1.7

Prestashop 1.7 come with lot of new features and major change from 1.6 version,this version based on symfony framework one of geat php frameworks. but it come with some bugs too

one of these bugs is The decimals feature does not work anymore even if the feature is on the Back Office.price formating not change even you change the number of decimals

thanks to an member of prestashop forum there is a solution for this, just follow steps to change the format:

Step 1: 

open this file using ftp and notepad++ or sublime text


if you are using another language than english, you will find the file like this main-ISO-numbers


Search for this string “currencyFormats-numberSystem-latn” using your text editor


you need to edit this code “standard”:”\u00a4#,###0.000″

\u00a4 : mean the currency

#,### : the format

0.000: mean type 0 is integer

so to change the format to 4 decimals you need to put \u00a4#,####0.0000

to change to 2 decimals put \u00a4#,##0.00


save file and refrech your page 😀


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